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Cultural Institute - at the former Lasino Primary School

open competition

Client: Municipality of Madruzzo (TN)

Location: Madruzzo (TN)

Date: 2023

Designer:   Annacarla Secchi

The general strategy of the project is aimed at giving a marked identity to this part of the Municipality of Madruzzo, first of all building a hierarchy of open and built spaces capable of relating to each other.

Via Roma is regularized in its layout, the carriageway remains two-way and concentrated on its north side; the large space that is created on the south side of the street is organized as a series of "squares": the square of the House of Culture and the new entrance to the Theatre; the rectory square; the large churchyard of the parish church. The unfolding and sequence of the different spaces is marked by the change of flooring.

The project for the House of Culture, through the recovery of the building of the former Lasino elementary school and its spaces, considers the complete redesign of the roof and the current stairwell through the creation of a new element that contains on all floors, according to different articulations, the stairwell, the lift shaft, the services, the foyer and the new main entrance to the theater which is moved to the level of the square of the House of Culture.

To underline this new element, a discontinuity is established with the main building body, through the "detachment" in the roof and a new "skin."

maquette scene 5 copie_edited_edited_edi
Maquette scene 6 copie_edited_edited.jpg
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