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New Public Library in Bernate Ticino

open competition

Client: Municipality of Bernate Ticino

Location: Bernate Ticino (MI)

Date: February 2022

Designer: Annacarla Secchi

The project for the new library lies at the core of the enhancement of the environmental system of Bernate Ticino; from the Naviglio Grande, you gradually climb up towards the Parco I Maggio and finally reach the terrace of the New Library. 

The New Library is an understatedly elegant building that opens itself onto the surrounding park; an accessible building whose structural characteristics facilitate the remodeling of its interior set up according to needs.

the project - floor plan


The building

The structure of the new building is built entirely of wooden carpentry. It rests on a reinforced concrete base that distributes the  weight on the building's foundation. The reduced center distance of the wooden structure allows for the creation of slender elements, thus enabling a freer and more articulated internal distribution and contributing to the aesthetics of the building itself.

The  “box” contained inside the main building is also made of concrete; here one may find the toilets and the closets / warehouse.

east elevation

west elevation

north elevation

south elevation

the belvedere towards the Naviglio Grande: permeability and integration, along with respect and protection of its environment.

south elevation: the aesthetics of the building

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