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Research and training hub and Experimental Agricultural, Wine and Olive Oil Demonstration Centre

open competition

Client: Municipality of Rionero in Vulture (PZ)

Location: Borgo Monticchio Bagni

Date: 2023

Designer:   Annacarla Secchi

The theme of the project is the construction of an agricultural training and research center through the re-functionalization and reuse of open and built spaces for which today no other form of relationship seems to exist other than that of contiguity.

The project starts from the need to build a clear hierarchy of open and built spaces, capable of giving identity and meaning to places, buildings and the relationships between them.

Starting from the need to redevelop open space and the request for places to be used for research and training activities, the project establishes a different articulation of spaces, linked to uses and new activities. Modeling the terrain of the large central open space becomes an opportunity for the creation of a system of coherent and clear relationships between the new buildings, the new activities that will take place in them, the pre-existing, renovated and refunctionalized buildings; the routes and parking spaces that connect the new center.

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