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Urban redevelopment of via Mazzini and via Duca d'Aosta 

open competition - second prize

Client: Comune di Fombio (Lo)

Location: Retegno, Comune di Fombio (Lo)

Date: 2021

Planner:  Annacarla Secchi

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the intersection between via Mazzi and via Duca d'Aosta: the square and the level parking lots

The project organizes the competition space as part of a larger system of collective spaces, through the redefinition of the road sections that these spaces surround . 

The project divides the competition area lot into two zones: a level parking area and an exclusively pedestrian square "In Memoriam" for all citizens who have fallen in armed conflicts.

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the war memorial: the square

The square is the monument to the fallen citizens.

It consists of a vast inclined plane that gently descends from the wide sidewalk of via Mazzini, up to the wall dedicated to the memory of the fallen citizens, with their names engraved.

A series of benches offers the possibility of using this space as well as a place of memory, as a resting and resting place where you can stop and read and have a chat; it can become a stalls to attend institutional ceremonies.

scene 13.jpg

the parking lot at ground level

scene 19 def.jpg

the square and the parking lot: perspective section

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