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Redefinition of the public areas between the school building and the Campovico cemetery.

open  competition

Client: Comune di Morbegno (SO)

Location: Campovico - Morbegno (SO)

Date: 2022

Planner: Annacarla Secchi - Marco Voltini

1.Piazza della Vittoria: the low viewpoint, a new eco-stone paving and lawn. 2.School bus parking area. 3. Bus stop. 4.A new pavement for Piazza della Vittoria. 5.Project car parks. 6.Project car parks: the middle viewpoint. 7.A slab of green equipped: the middle viewpoint. 8.The high viewpoint, the departures of the tourist routes, the new car parks.

The project

Campovico is a small centre, part of the municipality of Morbegno and like many other nearby hamlets, it has a public space of modest dimensions, reduced to a few fundamental components. Its peculiarity is to be found in the overall structure of the territory and in particular in its orography, in the relationship between valley and high-ground. The project intends to re-establish spatial continuity between the spatial areas indicated by the tender by leveraging the relationship between urban space and  orography of the territory; to do so, he proposes to consider them as three viewpoints, as three urban rooms in which to play, rest, enjoy the landscape. The viewpoints constitute static points of view on the landscape; on the contrary, via Roma, also the subject of the competition, in addition to connecting them, is a dynamic space, since walking along it changes the perception of the valley and the urban space. The project, framing via Roma and the viewpoints in a system, amplifies the relationship between the inhabited center and the territory to which it belongs. 

The elements of the project: the trees
The elements of the project: the public lighting system

The project is inspired by the achievement of maximum economy. The existing trees are therefore mostly maintained. Only along the lower viewpoint is it proposed to reposition four trees, while the middle viewpoint is the only space to accommodate new essences. The lighting is entrusted to two types of light sources: punctual and linear. The point sources are poles with a maximum height of 3 metres, which must illuminate the main access points to the spaces in the project. Linear lights are lamps placed on the ground or underneath the seats which serve to highlight the gaps and thresholds between one space and another.

The elements of the project: parking and public roads

Piazza della Vittoria
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