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Design of the Art Square - Campo Barigau

open competition

Client: Municipality of Ulassai (NU)

Location: Ulassai (NU)

Date: 2023

Designer:   Annacarla Secchi

The historic center of the municipality of Ulassai presents a clear urban structure, consisting of a typically mountain settlement system with dense terraces along the contour lines and the almost total renunciation of the organization of collective spaces other than connecting ones.

The area subject to the competition constitutes a green and flat wedge which stands on the western side of the historic center of Ulassai, in correspondence with Vicolo San Sebastiano and the Barigau arch.

It is an urban space whose physical characteristic is that of being a large void; which in the past had a strong role in the economic, social and urban life of the community, and which today seems to have become a place of memory, testimony to the past, rather than a collective urban space serving the contemporary community of Ulassai.

The project puts the large empty space at the center by building the program outside it, on its margins.

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